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Here’s the deal. SEO is not something you should consider doing, it is something you can’t afford not to do and I’m going to tell you why. You see, search engine optimization allows you to be listed in search engine results based on the content on your website.

What does this mean? Well it’s very simple, it means that having a well optimized website that contains the content people search for in any given market such as SEO companies in Florida or home theater companies in Connecticut, the on page and off page SEO of that website will help to determine where your website is listed among the millions of other websites out there.

This is important because having a well optimized website will result in higher rankings which translates to traffic coming to your website. You can achieve similar results by using paid ads however, this method can be very expensive and may yield poor results. In this case it may be better to spend the effort optimizing your website so it ranks highly among the search engines which will in turn bring you free traffic and the more free traffic you can get, the more products or services you can sell and thus the more revenue and profits you can make.

So what exactly is SEO? Well it can get technical but for the sake of keeping this article short, it is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is conducted on page via keyword research and keyword placement. For instance, if you were an SEO company specializing in Law Firm SEO Services, you would want to make sure you have those three words in your landing page URL, page title, description, and metatags. Doing so will ensure that search engines understand what your page is about and it will begin indexing your website in relevant categories.

Then there is off page SEO which is basically a set of unknown algorithms kept top secret by search engines. While we aren’t sure exactly what criteria the search engines look for when it comes to off site, we can understand some of the things such as backlinks. We know that search engines such as Google use backlinks to some extent to determine the importance of a website. It stands to reason that the more backlinks a website has, the more important it is right? Well that’s somewhat right but there’s so much more to it.

The reason it’s not so simple is that website owners like to use shortcuts if they are able to and since backlinks can be obtained in many unconventional ways, there is of course a right and wrong way to go about getting them. The best way is to guest post an article on a website with the webmaster’s permission. This is also the most difficult method because it means you have to reach out to the webmaster and then wait for them to reply with an answer that will likely be no much of the time. The other ways are usually unconventional such as commenting on blogs. This doesn’t work very well anymore because anyone can make comments and this is usually viewed as spammy backlinks. Nobody wants those and search engines can penalize you for having too many of these.

The next best way to get backlinks is via guest post opportunities. You can find guest post opportunities by searching for them and filling out the application on the website. Webmasters don’t have a problem linking to your website when you are providing something back in return. What you are providing them in exchange is relevant content. Relevant unique content is the most valuable commodity one can own on the internet. It is expensive to have content licensed to use and it takes time to do. Website owners know this and so they are usually happy to make the trade in return.

So in closing, I would recommend using the techniques in this article to boost up SEO as well as conduct more of your own research. You see, nobody today knows exactly what to do to be perfect in their SEO efforts so the more you can learn what and what not to do, the better. Most of all enjoy what you are doing and start getting tons of free traffic!

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