Do I need an In Home Security System In Connecticut?

The answer to this is that you need to weigh the benefits and decide for yourself but from our point of view, the answer is clear. The thing is that you can’t afford not to have a security system when you live in Connecticut. You might be thinking well this is a safe, lower crime area to live in so what do I need an in home security system for? Here’s a bunch of reasons why.

First and foremost, your family is the most precious commodity you have. In the event something terrible happens, you can never replace your family. The facts are that Connecticut has it’s fair share of crime and just like anywhere else, there are higher crime areas. That being said, we all remember the Petit family tragedy that occurred in Cheshire, Connecticut in the early 2000s. This happened in an upper income low crime area and that was the exact scenario the bad guys were looking for. It’s sad that things are so bad in today’s age but they are and one of the biggest mistakes one can make is to pretend it’s not as bad as it is.

Another reason you might consider an in home security system Connecticut is for less precious commodities such as you house itself and the stuff in it. You might have valuables you need to protect from burglary but you also might want to protect them from fires. When you’re home, a smoke detector will alert you know when something goes wrong but what about when you aren’t home? By the time your neighbors notice, your house and all your things can be up in flames. But not when you have a monitored fire alarm system. A monitored fire alarm connects to your smoke detectors and alerts authorities automatically.

Another lesser thought about issue is carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that kills. It is so important to realize that in the event of a carbon monoxide leak, you may be rendered unconscious by the time your carbon monoxide detectors make noise. Because of the nature of the gas, it puts you to sleep before it kills and if you have a monitored carbon monoxide detector installed in your home it can be linked to your in home security system and it will alert authorities in the event carbon monoxide is detected. Authorities will arrive as quickly as possible and this is another instance home security systems save lives.

These are just a few scenarios but there are literally hundreds of other scenarios that make having a monitored home security system a no brainer decision. In fact, we stand by our original claim in that it should be a automatic given for anyone to have one whether it be in Connecticut or somewhere else. With today’s technologies available, it is quite honestly a very poor decision not to have one.

In closing, do your research and find a reputable local in home security company. Make sure to research the company to ensure they provide the best services and will be available to help you in the event your system needs servicing. The best way to choose a company to work with is via research with consumer protection companies.

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